Student Devices

At Bolinda Primary School, we pride ourselves on providing an innovative curriculum encompassing 21st century skills. Our students have access to numerous devices spread throughout the school.

All students have access to…
State of the art notebook computers in every class across the school at a ratio of 1:1. These run a suite of software specifically to develop computer skills and complete authentic technology tasks such as collaborating on movies, computer coding, designing 3D objects, creating animations as well as using the internet for research and discovery.

iPads in every level. These help engage the students with apps to reinforce numeracy and literacy concepts, as well as create and publish their own content (movies, electronic books, etc). We have 1 iPad to every 3 students.

Interactive Whiteboards in every class. These allow for a modern way for students to present their work digitally to an audience, as well as a unique way for teachers to engage students in technological rich tasks.