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The Arts Program at Bolinda Primary School offers both Visual and Performing Arts to all students, following the guidelines of the Victorian Curriculum. Every student gets a weekly session to explore their creativity in a peaceful and friendly environment.

Visual Arts

Throughout the year, students have the chance to experiment with various mediums, including painting, drawing, textiles, print-making, collage, construction, and visual communication. They learn to develop a visual language around art elements like line, shape, color, and texture, which helps them think and talk about art. Moreover, students explore famous artists and paintings and use them as worked examples to learn specific art techniques.

Performing Arts

Every year, all students from Foundation to Year 6 participate in the school's production. Productions offer a fantastic opportunity for students to build props, create costumes, perform, and take on other behind-the-scenes roles. It also provides the whole school community with a chance to celebrate the many talented students at Bolinda Primary School.

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