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Personalised Learning

At Bolinda Primary School we are committed to providing a personalised learning program for all our students. Personalised Learning is a term used to describe the tailoring of a student’s learning to match their learning needs and to support the development of their personal passions and interests.

Personalised learning is not about separating students to learn on their own, it’s not the abandonment of national curriculum or a license to let pupils coast at their own preferred learning. It is about building strong relationships, a safe and encouraging environment and implementing rigorous structures with high learning expectations supported by regular and consistent monitoring and intervention.

This can happen through individual learning plans, small group work or by working in a whole group. Teachers determine a student’s point of need in all curriculum areas through various forms of pre and post assessment and high quality learning tasks.

All of our students at Bolinda PS have Individual Learning goals set in collaborative partnerships betwen families, the students, teachers and support staff in all areas of the curriculum.


This may involve goals for reading, writing, numeracy and if necessary, an interpersonal goal.

Extensive research over recent years by researcher John Hattie has shown that a personalised learning environment significantly improves student learning outcomes. This is achieved through the effective application of assessment for learning practices and by maximizing the connection between the needs of the learner, the learning opportunities presented to them and the formative feedback that they receive.

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