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Kimochi (Social Emotional Learning).


The Kimochi program teaches students explicitly about feelings. Students become aware of their reactions to experiences and develop an awareness of the feelings of others. 

If you can name it, you can tame it.

This program uses engaging resources to connect students to the various words and personality traits introduced by the various characters within the program. Concepts become more complex as students move through their schooling. They begin with basic emotions and progress to more complex and "hard to name" feelings in later primary school. Students learn to identify the size of emotions and to become more resilient using bravery, hope and gratefulness.

The program revolves around characters with various personalities who appear in engaging stories and experience a range of emotions. Students are invited to make connections with these characters and explicitly name the emotions that they may experience on a daily basis.

In coming to terms with these experiences and being able to talk about their feelings, students develop the ability to manage their emotions and increase their resilience.


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