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At Bolinda Primary School, we are proud to offer Auslan (Australian Sign Language) as a language for our students to learn. We believe that learning Auslan helps our students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures and abilities.

Our Auslan program is available for students in all year levels and is taught by a qualified Auslan teacher. Students learn basic vocabulary and grammar, as well as developing their receptive and expressive skills.

Auslan is used not only in our language classes but also integrated into other subjects across the curriculum. In the classroom, our students use Auslan to communicate with each other and their teachers. This provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their communication skills and learn about different forms of communication. We also have a strong commitment to inclusivity and providing support for students with diverse learning needs. Our Auslan program is an important part of this commitment, as it allows us to provide additional support for students who may benefit from a visual language.

Overall, we believe that our Auslan program provides a valuable learning experience for our students and helps to foster a more inclusive and accepting school community.

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