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Dear Families,

Welcome to Bolinda Primary School - the school where every child is celebrated and empowered to thrive in a safe and engaging environment. As the proud principal, I am thrilled to tell you all about our wonderful school!

Our school is a tight-knit community that recognises and honours each child's individuality. We take great pride in fostering a learning environment that nurtures and celebrates every child's unique abilities. That's why we offer individualized learning goals in Reading, Writing, and Numeracy, which encourages students to co-create their learning journey with their teacher. Our approach promotes student responsibility, while also recognising and celebrating their growth and achievements.

In addition to a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy, we offer a range of specialist programs, including Auslan, Visual Arts, STEM, and an optional Instrumental Music program. We are also committed to promoting student engagement and well-being through our KIMOCHI program. Here, we explicitly teach students how to make positive choices and foster their social and emotional growth.

Our passionate teaching team works collaboratively to deliver an evidence-based learning program with high expectations across all levels. As a community of learners, we value the home/school partnership and encourage reading and math opportunities at home to improve learning growth. Our average class size of 15 students allows us to provide a personalised education that's tailored to each child's needs and goals.

At Bolinda Primary School, we prioritise each child's academic and personal growth by delivering a balanced and comprehensive curriculum that challenges and extends their capabilities. We're proud to say that we provide independent and individual goal-setting for EVERY student in the school, and all our lessons are differentiated for each child.

I want to extend an invitation to all families to come and visit our school to learn more about our unique approach to education. Our school is a place where every child is celebrated, nurtured, and empowered to thrive. Let's work together to provide the best opportunities for your child to succeed!

Looking forward to meeting you.

Jordan Chamerski


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