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At Bolinda Primary School, we strive to create a supportive and stimulating environment for our students' literacy skill development. Our Literacy Program planning is based on the Victorian Curriculum and tailored to individual student needs through our whole school focus assessment overview.

For our early years program, we utilise the scientifically-backed synthetic phonics program, Little Learners Love Literacy, to ensure students have a solid foundation in reading before tackling more complex concepts. As students progress, we incorporate a variety of texts with world knowledge, science, history, politics, mythology, and geography to provide a well-rounded education.

Our writing program is based on VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, and Punctuation), designed to make writing fun and engaging while challenging students throughout their writing journey. We have writing moderation sessions once a term to ensure consistency and support across the school.

In spelling, we explicitly teach spelling patterns and strategies based on our synthetic phonics program and teach at each student's point of need. We utilize Little Learners and THRASS phonetics teaching tools from Foundation to Grade 6 and have seen success in our NAPLAN spelling results.

We provide reading intervention and literacy support programs through our Personalised Learning Approach, and we encourage parent involvement in the classroom as reading helpers. We are well-resourced in all classrooms and have a school library where students can attend weekly sessions.

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