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At Bolinda Primary School, Mathematics is taught according to the Victorian Curriculum. Mathematics is separated into several different areas (dimensions):

  • Number & Algebra;

  • Measurement & Geometry;

  • Statistics & Probability.


Students engage in a minimum of five hours of Mathematics each week.

From Foundation to Year 6, we have high quality Mathematics teaching and utilise a whole school lesson structure Model including four parts based on the E5 Model which includes Tuning In (ENGAGE), Guided Teaching (EXPLAIN), Independent Learning (EXPLORE) and Reflection (ELABORATE,EVALUATE).

The Guiding Principles for all Maths lessons are:

  • Engaging Tuning In Activity every lesson;

  • Explicit purpose for every lesson;

  • Formal structure for every lesson;

  • Students working on tasks at and beyond their current levels of thinking;

  • Teacher communicating high expectations and using purposeful feedback;

  • Established classroom norms for working.

Flexible groupings are carried out to cater for students at point of need from Foundation to Six. Problem Solving is embedded through all Maths units. Intervention and Extension is provided by our Personalised Learning Approach, catering for the individual child.


Bolinda PS is well resourced with Maths equipment, both at a whole school and classroom level. Regular inventory is undertaken to ensure classroom needs are met and updated.

Technology is embedded throughout all units and all students from Foundation to Six have access to Essential Assessments.

Students at Bolinda Primary School have the opportunity to participate in interschool chess tournaments and have previously won local tournaments. Students begin learning chess for fun in the Junior year levels and this learning becomes more formal and competitive depending on ability and confidence.




We utilise pre and post testing using Essential Assessments. 

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